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The India Forum is committed to publishing thoughtful articles on contemporary issues that will promote honest debate.

It is put out by The Vichar Trust which has been established as a charitable trust by a group of citizens interested in discussion and dissemination of information. It is independent and has no connection with any business group. The India Forum is the first activity of the Vichar Trust.

The India Forum believes in maintaining free access to everything it publishes and therefore does not demand payment from its readers. It also does not carry advertisements because it wishes to offer readers an uncluttered reading experience.

The Vichar Trust therefore needs your support to put out The India Forum every week and for free. Every amount, small or large, that is donated to the Vichar Trust will help.

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  • A scanned copy of the receipt will be sent to donors by email
  • The Vichar Trust currently does not enjoy exemption under Section 80G of the IT Act for donations it receives.
  • Phone and email details will not be shared with anyone. They are only for purpose of record
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