Citizens denied the benefits of growth are compensated with direct transfers in the new welfarism that has yielded electoral returns. This 'techno-patrimonialism' is not based on the poor exercising their rights; it is built instead around a direct connect with a personality-centric leadership.05-Dec-2023
A caste census may not transform the course of electoral politics. But bringing caste contradictions to the fore could give the social justice parties a…
Few have tried to understand the significance of the free bus travel scheme that a handful of states have introduced. In Tamil Nadu the benefits for women have…
IIT Bombay faculty statement against the recent attacks on and targeting of a colleague and social media posts with biased allegations.
The reason why many decent Americans do not see the tragedy of the Palestinians is that Israel is doing to Palestine what white Americans did to the Native…
The Meos of Mewat who suffered so much in the recent violence in Nuh, Haryana, have a history of seeking to live in peace. A writer discovers her grandfather…
‘While We Watched’, a documentary on the journalist Ravish Kumar, is a courageous film that tells the story of our times, specifically the steady decline in…
A war-ravaged country torn apart by militancy and poverty; Afghanistan is now a textbook example of a failed state. But the region was once home to a…
Har Dayal, a founding member of the Ghadar party, was an anarchist who moved between advocacy of revolution to pacificism, later advocating a utopian “world…

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In episode 5 of 'The Business of News' podcast, Rohan Venkat and Jayant Sriram speak with Ritu Kapur, co-founder and CEO of 'The Quint', on…
53 mins
Vikash Keshri joins Kiran Kumbhar in this episode to speak on MBBS and MPH training systems in India, focusing specifically on the discipline of community…
45 mins
'The Hindu''s subscription model has been a lighthouse example of business acumen for news publishers. Ramanathan S & Jayant Sriram speak…
55 mins
Jayant Sriram speaks with Vignesh Vellore, the co-founder of 'The News Minute', and Nikhil Kanekal on collaborations among media organisations,…
1 hr 3 mins

The article laments the fact that women ‘make up the largest minority group in science’. It also emphasizes how persisting biases have implications for other…
Padmini Swaminathan Chennai

This article is, to my mind, the first serious discussion of what was derogatorily referred to as 'Revdis' and then picked up unthinkingly by the media and…
P. Gunasekhar, Chennai

This is an article that is expansive in terms of its scope and coverage; at the same time it contextualises the question for India and effectively demonstrates…
Padmini Swaminathan, Chennai

The US has a history  of gratuitous and horrendous violence not only against Native Americans but anyone who was considered an impediment to American plans —…
Sunder Thomas

To be published soon

Adopt a Monument by Aparna Balachandran

Poetic Traditions and Inter-community Relations by Amit Basole

Working of PLI by Biswajit Dhar

Mediatisded Politics in India by Francis Cody 

Women and Work by Gita Sen and Ritu Dewan


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