We need judicial courage in reclaiming the silences in our laws, which were designed for a time when privacy did not matter, to protect the rights of citizens during search and seizure of digital devices such as phones and computers.03-Dec-2022
We cannot negate determined acts of Indian Muslim women to wear the hijab as mere social indoctrination. At a time when being a Muslim is a significant threat…
Most digital public goods disempower publics and distract from strengthening more fundamental democratic devices. It is time to design and manage them not as…
'We would like to call upon the government and the courts to enable a wider process of evidence gathering and public consultation across the entire…
The uncritical tone of the NITI Aayog’s recent report on the gig economy in India and its belief that platformisation will create an inclusive working…
Sushant Singh on the Agnipath scheme and its implications for India's national security
26 mins
On the welcome changes NEP aims to bring about as well as the formidable challenges that it faces in implementation.
1 hr 31 min
On the Ashoka edicts, TM Krishna sets the edicts to music and converses with Historian Nayanjyot Lahiri of Ashoka University.
45 min
On the need to safeguard India's liberal values and protect it from crony capitalism.
1 hr 16 min

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Suno India’s Menaka Rao speaks to Dr Rajib Dasgupta about the scientific mechanism of oral rehydration therapy and why it works to save lives during acute…
34 mins
Nitya Rao on translating 'climate change' into local vocabularies, increased labour burdens on women and girls during a crisis, and changing marital…
In this introductory episode of 'Becoming Modern', host Kiran Kumbhar talks with Suno India co-founder Padma Priya about the importance of knowing…
The second episode of 'Becoming Modern: Healthcare and History in India' is about one of the central challenges of writing any kind of history: how…
The (erstwhile) Empire is under threat and the old heroes are recruited once more to vanquish the enemy. Their bravery is not to be questioned but there is a…
"We were, in many ways, coached into listening—casually, closely, intimately, itinerantly—by the cassette tape. It made sound available to us beyond…
A photo essay on the struggles of Indians in cities and towns for existence and dignity as they negotiate their lives every day.
Sahir's lyrics for the Hindi film 'Didi' (1959) continue to have great contemporary relevance.

I am curious about how one would boycott an empire, as the closing statement recommends. Billions of people live - a few prosper but most suffer - in these…
Sara Abraham

Advocate Indira Jaising's tribute to Elabehn Bhatt is significant for several reasons. Apart from highlighting the fact that Elabehn "saw more than one law…
Padmini Swaminathan, independent scholar, Chennai

It is really unfortunate that the Census is being given a quiet burial.  I am equally intrigued by the complete silence of the Opposition on this issue. 
Padmini Swaminathan, Chennai

In his review of Arkotong Longkumer’s book, The Greater India Experiment: Hindutva and the Northeast, Richard Kamei has enlightened us about the penetration of…
Arup Kumar Sen , Kolkata

To be published soon

Global Recession by Partha Ray and Parthapratim Pal 

Modifying the Wildlife Protection Act by Nitin Sekar and others

Review of Harmony Siganporia's 'Walking from Dandi: In Search of Vikas' by Sudhir Chandra

Poetic Traditions and Inter-community Relations by Amit Basole

Reintroduction of the Cheetah by Raza Kazmi

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