The BJP was soundly defeated in the Karnataka Assembly election because the poor in the state decided enough was enough and voted for the Congress. However, the voting numbers show that the BJP’s Hindutva agenda for the state has not been defeated.05-Jun-2023
Dalit labour organisations in Punjab have sought support from farm unions led by dominant castes. Such collaborations serve tactical purposes but also…
The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s Synthesis Report lays down a stark warning—without immediate & ambitious climate action, the world will…
The public schooling system in Jharkhand has improved over the years but deep structural inadequacies remain. The most troubling aspect is the silence in…
Proving India’s lithium deposits would be a boost in the arm for the country’s ambitious net-zero-emissions plans. But lithium mining could itself contribute…
A war-ravaged country torn apart by militancy and poverty; Afghanistan is now a textbook example of a failed state. But the region was once home to a…
Har Dayal, a founding member of the Ghadar party, was an anarchist who moved between advocacy of revolution to pacificism, later advocating a utopian “world…
Dr. Fu-Manchu is still around, determined to destroy western civilisation. The destruction of the Nord Stream pipeline is his latest fiendish act. But his…
Conversations with a handful of Ukrainian women from which this account is woven, throw light on the grim reality most ordinary Ukrainians have had to live…

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In this episode host Kiran Kumbhar discusses metrics, statistics, and numbers in public health and demography with Aashish Gupta who is a sociologist,…
44 mins
A conversation with Aashique Ahmed Iqbal, historian and author of The Aeroplane and the Making of Modern India, on India's early experiments with flying,…
43 mins
Public health researcher Indira Chakravarthi speaks with host Kiran Kumbhar on the private healthcare sector, public-private partnerships, Ayushman Bharat, and…
35 mins
Aditya Valiathan Pillai, Associate Fellow at the Centre for Policy Research, speaks in this podcacst about about how heat action plans help deal with heat…
38 mins

Sevanti Ninan's article is detailed, grounded and written without rhetoric. A treat, especially for journalists. It commands attention. I wish journalists in…
Anand K. Sahay, New Delhi

  In his discourse, Sanjib Baruah has drawn our attention to the politics of ‘Indigeneity’ in contemporary Assam and its fallout – marginalisation of Muslims…
Arup Kumar Sen Kolkata

In his review of Arkotong Longkumer’s book, The Greater India Experiment: Hindutva and the Northeast, Richard Kamei has enlightened us about the penetration of…
Arup Kumar Sen , Kolkata

The central idea is that the anti-Brahmin movement – which developed into the Self-Respect Movement – became the site for the construction of an inclusive…
Vignesh Karthik KR

To be published soon

'Hinduphobia' by Balamurli Natarajan

Poetic Traditions and Inter-community Relations by Amit Basole

Brahmanical Caste Histories by Ananya Chakrabarty

Reverse Discrimination by Prannv Dhavan

MGNREGA in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana by Rajendran Narayanan

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