Since 2015, there has been a sharp rise in farmer suicides in Punjab. Farmers in the state borrow large loans at high interest rates; some of which is used for consumption. According to official data, 51% of farmer suicides in Punjab are due to a high level of indebtedness, mostly to institutions.30-Jun-2022
We speak with Shrayana Bhattacharya about what film icons and fandoms can tell us about intimacy and women's independence.
In this episode on finance and data privacy, Rohan Jahagirdar discusses regulation of data collected by fintech companies, the recent introduction of the…
In this episode on reproductive health surveillance, we’re joined by Ambika Tandon who is a researcher with the Centre for Internet and Society, New Delhi.
In this episode, we’re joined by Aayush Rathi who is a researcher with the Center for Internet and Society, and has previously written on welfare systems and…
India’s punitive demolitions bear striking resemblance to Israel’s tactics against Palestinians. The tragedy is that a significant chunk of the majority in…
The higher judiciary must proactively exercise its powers to intervene suo motu to deal with a spate of incidents that rip the country's social and…
There is much to learn from unlikely places about the working — and promise — of the law against sexual harassment at workplaces.
To say that street dogs should not be fed at all is a clear violation of animal and human rights. If the feeders are following rules, their action cannot be…
What can social science researchers discover if they stepped out of rigid frameworks of understanding deprivation and asked ‘subjects’ about their joys and…
A teacher of many decades in schools and colleges reflects on what students get energised by and what teachers could stimulate in their pupils.
From the early 20th century onwards, US Immigrants of South Asian origin—referred to as 'Hindus'—had to confront laws in many states against '…
Godavari Dange developed a model of farming that enabled vulnerable women farmers in drought-struck Marathwada to stay food secure. Her life story captures the…

We have benefitted from the detailed comments by Ashok Sreenivas. We have some comments to make by way of a response. On the point about the relevance of the…
Rohit Azad, Shouvik Chakravarty

I was deeply disappointed and left wanting by the article “Band-Aid Solutions Won't Staunch India's Power Crisis”. I will correct three fallacies in the…
Surya Sethi, New Delhi

I enjoyed reading Rohan D'Souza's thorough and trenchant critique of the New Education Policy and the latter's implications for higher education in the country…
Padmini Swaminathan, Chennai

Thank you for this article. The author is so right. I dream every night for a shower of justice to wake me up. I must devote every minute and second to do what…
Renuka Visvanathan

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On Nationalism by Alok Sheel

On AFSPA and the Northeast by Anup Surendranath

Review of 'The Greater India Experiment: Hindutva and the Northeast' by Richard Kamei

On informal workers in coal mines by Suravee Nayak

India's Death Registration Data by Ashish Gupta and Murad Banaji

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The disruption in higher education in India; Hindutva in Karnataka; Karnataka Hijab Ban; and more
06 May 2022
Making sense of Covid-19 death estimates in India; The end of a political model in UP; Kashmir: Loss, memory and a shared history
01 Apr 2022
The gutting of public sector vaccine makers; How caste and income affect law school admissions; and more
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On the loss of Muslim hope; faultlines in India's elections; air pollution, and more
04 Feb 2022
India under Modi; A Tale of Two Indias; A Suitable Girl?, Unshackling Science; and more
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