Whatever the government may claim, the achievements of the G20 summit in New Delhi did not quite live up to the glitter, despite the year-long rhetoric and drama indulged in by India while preparing for the September 2023 event.27-Sep-2023
A decade after the law to end manual scavenging, thousands of workers continue to clean waste with little protection. The narrow framing of the law contributes…
The unchecked use of antibiotics increases the odds of a pandemic in which infections are resistant to the available stock of antimicrobials.
An open letter by current and former faculty members at the IIM Bangalore calling to defund the hate speech.
India’s Constitution is more robust than the politics of those who call for its replacement.
‘While We Watched’, a documentary on the journalist Ravish Kumar, is a courageous film that tells the story of our times, specifically the steady decline in…
A war-ravaged country torn apart by militancy and poverty; Afghanistan is now a textbook example of a failed state. But the region was once home to a…
Har Dayal, a founding member of the Ghadar party, was an anarchist who moved between advocacy of revolution to pacificism, later advocating a utopian “world…
Dr. Fu-Manchu is still around, determined to destroy western civilisation. The destruction of the Nord Stream pipeline is his latest fiendish act. But his…

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Jayant Sriram speaks with Vignesh Vellore, the co-founder of 'The News Minute', and Nikhil Kanekal on collaborations among media organisations,…
1 hr 3 mins
Kiran Kumbhar speaks with Veena Shatrugna, a medical doctor and a public health researcher, on the challenges in anaemia and undernutrition in India and on…
32 mins
Foreign aid, especially from the United States, has always been a testy matter for India. We speak to Gaurav Garg, assistant professor of history at Ashoka…
59 mins
Rohan Venkat speaks with Gaurav Arora, Chief Operating Officer at Jagran New Media and Ramanathan S, head of revenue and product at The News Minute, on how…
1 hr

'Big Problems, Small Wins' is a well-written article. Gig workers must be recognised as workers according to the Industrial Disputes Act. If they are…
Timir Basu, Kolkata

It was good to read the article by Harsh Mandar on the violence in Nuh. Since I worked there a few years ago providing medical care, I know how poverty…
Dr. Poornima Sheba Samuel Raj

Sevanti Ninan's article is detailed, grounded and written without rhetoric. A treat, especially for journalists. It commands attention. I wish journalists in…
Anand K. Sahay, New Delhi

  In his discourse, Sanjib Baruah has drawn our attention to the politics of ‘Indigeneity’ in contemporary Assam and its fallout – marginalisation of Muslims…
Arup Kumar Sen Kolkata

To be published soon

State of Academic Freedom in India by Apoorvanand

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On 'Against High-Caste Polygamy' by Mahitosh Mandal

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The Fires of Nuh, Demolitions: Rule by Law or Rule of Law?, The Politics over California’s Anti-Caste Bill, and more
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Gandhi on caste, Fertility and childlessness, The origins of Pakistan, and more
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The state of the Indian economy; Improving preventive detention laws; Labour rights; and more
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Cleansing the Past; Bihar Caste Census; Defence against Parliamentary Hegemony; and more