• Think of the reader as someone outside your discipline; The India Forum is not an academic publication. Write in simple straightforward language. Simplify the language where complex concepts must be used. Explain concepts that are not part of normal discourse. As far as possible please write short sentences. 
  • Please do not assume any prior knowledge of the topic; at the same time do not be simplistic or talk down to the reader.

  • Preferred length is a maximum of 2500 words.

  • Writers can use footnotes, but a maximum of six in an article and as explanatory notes not as references.

  • If references are essential writers are encouraged to list a maximum of six references to academic literature (if needed) in a Reference list/Bibliography.

  • Hyperlinks could be used in addition to or as alternatives to the References/Bibliography. Typically, hyperlinks for newspaper/magazine/online news portals; and references for academic work.

  • All data, and citations must of course be attributed.

  • Where necessary, tables, graphs and charts can be used. Please keep only the essential ones, 4-5 in an article.

  • Please use the Chicago Manual of Style as a standard for referencing (Use the author-note system here for references and a separate list of references).

  • Articles could be prepared in any text format (preferably MS Word) with UK/Indian English spellings.

Most important, the editors of The India Forum would like to collaborate with authors to help reach the intelligent lay reader. Authors are therefore requested to be open to suggestions on presentation and writing. Copy-edited articles are usually sent to the author for approval before her article is published.