July 3, 2020

July 3, 2020

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Exodus Constitutionalism

Mass Migration in Covid Lockdown Times

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Exodus Constitutionalism

Mass Migration in Covid Lockdown Times
Multiple disasters and mass catastrophes have been on display in the migrant crises following the Covid-19 lockdown. In its light, India’s constitutionalism might be called ‘Exodus Constitutionalism’, a development that threatens to devalue citizenship.

A Novel Virus, A New Racial Slur

In the wake of Covid-19, racial discrimination towards people from the North East has acquired a new edge. The lack of cultural understanding in mainland Indian communities has always manifested itself in slurs and attacks that have increased and not reduced.

Towards Universal Health Coverage?

Taking stock of two decades of health reforms in India
A survey of reforms in health policies in India over the past two decades – actually a string of privatisation policies – indicates that we have moved away from and not towards Universal Health Coverage. What then needs to be done?

A Black Spring

Deepening racial inequality in the US is the fundamental reason for the recent widespread protests. African American economic progress has been worse than that of Dalits in India. Any optimism about the outcome has to confront these features of US society.

Examining the Making of the Constitution

At the dawn of independence, the liberal traditions that underpin a constitutional democracy were absent in India. How did the framers of the Constitution deal with this challenge?

Situating the Biology of Covid-19

A Conversation on Disease and Democracy
‘Struggles for a more just, fair, inclusive, or caring politics in the time of Covid-19, need to be grounded in the everyday work of building institutions, supporting the vulnerable amongst us, and cultivating a deeper ethic of mutuality.’

Making Indian Cities Habitable

The Legacy of Patrick Geddes
The social & environmental problems of a rapidly urbanising India were anticipated a century ago by the Scottish town planner Patrick Geddes. It may be time to redeem & rehabilitate Geddes’ themes of respect for nature, democracy & architectural traditions.


On Patrick Geddes

Gandhi, Kumarappa, Geddes and the Urbanism of Independent India
I read Ramachandra Guha's deft and instructive essay 'Making Indian Cities Habitable: The Legacy of Patrick Geddes' with great interest....

Traditional Lockdown Practices in the Naga Highlands

The year 2020 has been overwhelmed by Covid-19. Several countries have resorted to strategies like lockdowns and physical distancing to...

Nisarga: Nature’s Warning

Earlier this month, the Nisarga cyclone caused substantial damage to Raigad and Ratnagiri districts on the Konkan coast and Pune...

Letters on July 3 Issue

On ‘A Black Spring’
A Black Spring (June 26) by Kalaiyarasan A. is brilliant, particularly the manner in which the author has brought in...

Fighting the Covid-19 Pathogen: An Explainer

The phrase “herd immunity” has acquired such a large connotation that it has become difficult to look at it objectively. Is...
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