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Letters: January 2022 Issue
Wide coverage in The India Forum

I am very impressed by the wide coverage contained in the January 2022 issue of The India Forum.

Only a new paradigm of pedagogy can address the existential and ontological questions of our dark times.I am confident that the pages of The India Forum will enrich our collective journey in search of such a paradigm.

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Arup Kumar Sen, Kolkata
Outdated ideas on conservation

The article "Pitting People against Nature" by Madhav Gadgil is a populist article full of outdated ideas and with an intense dislike of the Forest Department. Paradoxically, the Forest Department of the Government of Kerala had to take the full brunt of the attack against Gadgil's report on the Western Ghats. (Offices and jeeps of the department were burnt in the protests against the Gadgil report.).

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James Zacharias, A former Forest Officer
Chakravarthi Raghavan

The tributes (Chakravarthi Raghavan: Journalist-Champion of the Global South) were a fine collection of writings on the little known but great practitioner of journalism. Chakravarthi Raghavan’s life and work was apparently dedicated to  lifting the veil on continued efforts by the West to leave Third World countries behind in international trade.

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CNS Rao, Bangalore