Letters on June 5 Issue

Letters on June 5 Issue
On Citizenship and Language Identity

As a research associate on a project based in central India I am very interested in tribal studies and was therefore delighted to read "Counts and Consequences: Citizenship and Language Identity" by G.N. Devy.

We need to hear now more from than ever before from cultural activists. It is not about a celebration of diversity for the sake of diversity alone. The times are such that we need well researched works to rise above the pseudo narratives of racial and religious supremacy (re)presented by the ruling party and its ideological base.

Praveena Mahla
Psychological consequences of the coronavirus

The article on the psychological consequences of Covid-19 by Honey Oberoi Vahali (Psychosocial Challenges In the Midst of the Coronavirus, May 19) is an excellent one. While a lot has been written about Covid-19 and its various consequences, very few have addressed the psychological impact. The author should be congratulated for doing so.

T. S. Saraswathi
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