Nagraj Adve

Nagraj Adve

Nagraj Adve

Nagraj Adve works and writes on the science, impacts and politics of global warming. His booklet Global Warming in the Indian Context: An Introductory Overview (2019) has been translated into Hindi, Kannada, and Tamil. 

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Coming of Age of India’s Youth Climate Movement

A nascent but rapidly growing movement in India of young people — school and college students — concerned about climate change is now confronted with having to deal with the chilling effects of police charges on some of their fellow-activists.

A Hesitant Transition

Renewable Energy Growth and Carbon Emissions
Renewable energy capacity has expanded globally but this does not as yet mark a shift away from fossil fuels. On current trends, energy use from CO2-emitting fuels will continue to rise in the future. Talk of decarbonisation of the world economy is premature.
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