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What is ‘Formalisation’ of the Economy?

India’s quest to shrink its informal sector
The informal sector is not made up of tax dodgers but largely of enterprises struggling to survive. It will take a structural transformation for the informal to become formal. The recent contraction of the informal was only a pandemic-induced shock.

The Unequal Effects of the Covid-19 Crisis on the Labour Market

The unequal labour market in India would have seen a widening of disparities after Covid-19 struck. Those at the bottom, with few skills, limited education & without security, would have been affected the most; they are the ones in immediate need of support.

Understanding India's Jobs Challenge

Unemployment today is at an all-time high but that is not the only challenge in jobs: more and more workers are withdrawing from the labour force, the wages of casual workers are below a reasonable minimum, and regular workers are largely without a contract.
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