August 6, 2021

August 6, 2021

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Evolution of Demographic Thought and Concern for Human Well-being

Demography has been detached from political theory and political economy, and population is now considered a part of the problem. A new chapter emphasising the economic value of a population is emerging, but the approach needs to be people-centric.

The Global Minimum Corporate Tax: Not High Enough, Not Fair Enough

‘While the global minimum tax proposal is a step forward, that step is disappointingly short of what is needed and possible.’

How and Why India’s Climate will Change in the Coming Decades

The decades ahead will see more extreme rainfall, more higher temperatures, increased warming over the Indian Ocean, rising sea levels, and greater frequency and intensity of cyclones in the Arabian Sea.

Planning Bangalore

The colonial legacy of discriminatory housing
'Improvement' measures in Bangalore pushed the poor, the subordinated castes, and the working classes to the edges of planned development. The city's layout continues to reflect these inequalities.

Blockchain vs Public Bulletin Board for Integrity of Elections and Electoral Rolls

When the Election Commission is the sole decider of a public ledger, the use of Blockchain to conduct polls & maintain voter lists may result in an unverifiable & highly insecure solution. A simpler cryptographic-secured public bulletin board will suffice.

Healthcare in India: Towards an Agenda for Change

Covid-19 has shown that we must abandon unscientific medical practices, integrate what is useful in traditional medicine into a modern system, intelligently plan our health workforce and move towards a medical care delivery system financed by taxes.

Why the Pegasus Snooping is a Hacking of India’s Democracy

The widespread use of the Pegasus spyware in India suggests a disrespect for the institutions of democracy at the highest levels of government. What could be worse for the future of India’s democracy?

India's Linguistic Diversity

How the Census obscures It
The Indian census' classificatory practices obscures the full extent of language diversity in the country. Including what the census calls "mother tongues" presents a fuller picture.

What the Courts Missed

Ensuring justice for Stan Swamy
In Stan Swamy's case, the courts failed to appreciate that what was at stake was also the right to dignity in death. Reparation for Swamy's death must include an apology for the wrongness of his detention and assurances such instances are never repeated.

The Pegasus Case Must be Used to Press for Change in Surveillance Laws

To ensure comprehensive privacy for all Indians, we need to generate public pressure to make the Government of India reform the existing framework for surveillance and introduce a data protection bill in Parliament that is much tighter than the current draft.

A Disaster Foretold

Aesthetics and ecological crises in Delhi
Delhi's rapidly changing relationship with its ecology has privileged the middle class. The city's transformation into an inequitable and exclusive place increasingly makes it a harder place, an uncivil city, for the poor.

WhatsApp in India

A Tale of Big Tech, Privacy Violation and Government Control
The ongoing tussle between the Indian government and social media companies has compromised the data integrity & privacy of citizens. We need an ecosystem of innovation and regulation to keep in check the unrestricted data powers of Silicon Valley giants.

A Stray Problem

Managing human conflicts with dogs
Misguided compassion towards street dogs often leads to major human-dog conflict and worsens the problem. Every action of individuals or animal welfare organisations must be carefully thought through, ensuring the welfare of both people and animals.

Is it a Case of 'Meat-versus-Planet'? Lessons for the Global South

Claims that the livestock sector is a high emitter of greenhouse gases have led to calls for moving towards plant-based diets. These prescriptions rest on flawed assumptions; they also ignore the nutritional needs of the working poor in the Global South.

5 July 2021

The day Fr. Stan Swamy died marked a collective national failure; we are all guilty of his death, either by omission or by commission. We now need symbolic as well as bold gestures to reclaim the moral ground we ceded on 5 July 2021.

The Nation State and Modern Sport

'National feeling is not something that has been injected into sport by swaggering players, corrupt politicians, and a scheming media looking to boost ratings; it is native to modern sport, something that is built into its historical evolution.'

Fr Stan Swamy: A Prophet who was a Threat to the Powerful

Fr Stan Swamy's struggle was for justice for the poor and for an India in which all people are equal.


A Neuroscientist’s Reconstruction of Father Stan Swamy’s Last Days

I write this as a physician and a citizen of this country. I spent sleepless nights over the news of...

Border Disputes and Violence in the North East: Thinking Beyond Binaries

After the firing amidst clashes at the Assam-Mizoram border where 6 police personnel of Assam were killed and several others...

Event: Has Digital News Media Arrived in India?

The India Forum is hosting a discussion at Clubhouse on 30 July (this evening) at 7 p.m with Dhanya Rajendran (Editor-in-Chief,...

Letters 26 July 2021

New manufacturing growth in Kerala
The article by Jayan Jose Thomas (The Achievements and Challenges of the Kerala 'Model') has analysed well the unusual and...

Stan Swamy: The Church’s Revolutionary

Stan Swamy’s mortal remains have been placed reverently with proper dedication. We all know that his spirit and commitment will...

Plant-based Diet isn't Best for Nutrition and Combating Climate Change

The article “Is it a Case of 'Meat-versus-Planet'? Lessons for the Global South” by Aravindhan Nagarajan (9 July) provides important arguments...

Letters 12 July 2021

Need for justice
The article by Peter deSouza on the death of Fr. Stan Swamy (5 July 2021) moved me a lot, touching...

Decline of the Indian Liberals’ Democracy

Suhas Palshikar’s “Understanding the Downslide of India’s Democracy” (7 May 2021) is an attempt to understand what is wrong with...
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