July 5, 2019

July 5, 2019

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Article 370, Federalism and the Basic Structure of the Constitution

Article 370 is a permanent and not temporary provision of the Constitution that assures Jammu and Kashmir autonomy. Its content may have been hollowed out but it remains important for the people of Kashmir. Calls to scrap it are based on a misinterpretation.

The Disruptive Politics of Renewable Energy

In making the shift to renewable energy, India has to manage the disruption of long-standing institutional and political arrangements in ways that enable clean energy in a sustainable manner.

The Enduring Constitution

Two recent books that talk about India’s Constitution as a people’s charter and its transformative character remind us why it remains an enduring document.

Who is Afraid of the Exchange Rate?

History, Geography and Some Contemporary Issues
How do we measure the exchange rate? Why do we not have a fixed exchange rate which would make life simpler? Why does the US dollar enjoy a near-supreme power? Why has the value of the Indian rupee steadily fallen? Some questions and many answers.

Can India and China escape their recent history and reshape their engagement?

India-China relations need to be seen through the four filters of co-operation, competition, conflict and containment. The softening of tensions after the 2018 Wuhan summit gives the two countries an opportunity to manage the four “Cs” to their mutual benefit.

Building Foundations Well: The challenge for primary education

The draft New Education Policy gets it right in emphasising the importance of Early Childhood Care and Education and the need to urgently work on establishing foundational literacy and numeracy at the primary stage, where there is currently a learning crisis.


Debating 'Transgressions'

A cultural strategy or social structural attributes?
I read Peter deSouza's essay on “transgressions” with profit and pleasure. It is a well-written  piece with an enviable lucidity of prose...

On 'India's Changing Media Landscape'

What the media does without being bribed
On 22 May 2019 as the million plus electronic voting machines that register the popular will in India were being...

On 'Populism Plus'

Limits of Regional Cooperation
The article by Partha Chatterjee gives a convincing analysis of the results of the Lok Sabha electionsof 2019. The method...
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