November 5, 2021

November 5, 2021

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Why do Opinion Polls make Wrong Predictions?

Polling is based on sound statistical theory, but pollsters seldom divulge their polling methodologies for us to assess quality. There is enough room to question the study designs, possible selection biases, and randomness in selection of samples.

India’s Fertility Transition and Differences between Religious Groups

‘Overpopulation’ can no longer be a concern in India, as across states and across religious groups fertility has been falling in recent decades and approaching replacement level. Fears about a demographic shift between religious groups are not based on fact.

Plane Tales: Air India’s Return to the Tatas

The Tatas' acquisition of Air India is hailed as a triumph for private enterprise in its battle with the remnants of the Nehruvian state. The history of Indian aviation, however, is of the Indian state offering crucial support to the Tatas over the decades.

TIF Talkies: Ajay Vir Jakhar discusses what we should be doing to end the farm crisis

Welcome to TIF Talkies, a new audio initiative of The India Forum, where we hope to disengage from the ever-flowing torrent of the newscycle and follow up on contemporary events with a whole lot of questions— both big and...

Producing the Migrant Myth

Ecology, migration, and politics in Assam
Assam's development discourse is embedded in wilful ignorance of history, ecology, and migration patterns. This ignorance feeds narratives of land-hungry migrants usurping land and seeking to make the Assamese a minority in the state.

Counter-Stories: Some Lessons for English Language Pedagogy

"The peak of language capacities is not in simply effective usage, but rather in giving language to that which is hitherto unsaid." An experiment in Bihar responds to the aspiration for English through 'counter-stories' that challenge mainstream narratives.

India’s Princes, the Ingenious Rebels against the Crown

India’s maharajahs during colonial rule were much more than the stereotypes we have of profligate spenders and incompetent rulers. They were complicated personalities who could subtly resist imperial pressures and at times supported the nationalist cause.

How Netflix Affects What We Watch and Who We Are

"Algorithm recommendations help us find exactly what we like in an incomprehensible number of options. The question is: who decides what the labels are, what gets put into these boxes and, therefore, what we end up watching, listening to and reading?"

How Should We Remember the Violence and Suffering of Partition?

"What does it mean then to remember the ‘horror’ of partition at a time when identities are so polarised. Do we remember only what was done to us, leaving out all that we did to others and to our own?"

Distress and Danger in Kashmir

Until the recent killings of minorities, there was an unusual silence in Kashmir valley. Kashmir’s situation reveals the tell-tale signs of a region pushed into a vortex of irrecoverable misery, thanks to monumental official blunders.

The Kashmiri Women Demanding Answers

Zia’s ethnography of Kashmiri women activists seeking redressal for the enforced disappearance of their relatives resonates with the struggles faced by many across India's conflict zones.

Redefining the Same-Sex Marriage Question

Even as courts begin to consider the lawfulness of restrictions on same-sex marriages, queer groups should engage with the burdens of legal marriages and help build on feminist efforts to turn marriage into an equal partnership.

There is Much to Gain and Little to Fear from Reopening Schools

There is ample scientific and epidemiological evidence to indicate it is safe to reopen schools for children of all ages. It is not a question of whether to reopen schools, but what should be done to bring children back to the classroom.


Letters 8 November 2021

On Kashmir
On Distress and Danger in Kashmir: I have just returned from a three-week-long trip to the Kashmir valley, not as a...

Corporate Entry No Help to Mango Farmers of Chittoor in Andhra Pradesh

G. Ram Mohan writes: A feeling of let-down is palpable in the voice of B. Vasudeva Reddy, a mango farmer, from Abbireddivuru...

The Changed Grammar of Communal Mobilisation in India

Ajinkya Mujumdar writes: In August, Ashwini Upadhyay, a Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) leader, organised a protest in central Delhi against what...

Discrimination in Criminal Justice

Shailesh Poddar writes: Almost one in five undertrials (18.7%) in India is Muslim, while Muslims make up only 14.2% of the...

Letters 19 October 2021

A long road to accountability
Kaushik Jayaram in Digital ID: A Single Source of Truth concludes by saying "Civil society can try to ring-fence its use as...
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