British Humourists

On 'Ye Olde British Humourists'
A Ninth Rasa

The article “Ye Olde English Humorists” (2 August 2019) by S. Unian Sambar was a very nice piece. Thanks a lot for publishing this article and giving me an idea of the ground I have to cover to laugh loudly in English.

Haasya and nonsense combined to make a ninth rasa.

Chinu Srinivasan, Vadodara
More Please

I simply loved the article “Ye Olde English Humorists”! It was a delight to read the sparkling prose, which literally jumped off the page.

Please let's have more of this kind of article. And I assure you that I have not been bribed by vada sambar to send this feedback!

Brian Pinto, Former Senior Adviser, The World Bank
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