Letters 31 May 2021

Letters 31 May 2021
Rent extraction in Tamil Nadu colleges

The insightful article The Fault Lines in Tamil Nadu that the DMK Now Has to Confront (28 May 2021) by Kaliyarasan A. and M. Vijayabaskar has commented on the low quality of the tertiary education sector. But it has not specifically mentioned that most of the private engineering and medical colleges belong to politicians from the Dravidian parties. These institutions charge extremely high fees and provide pathetic education.

The rapid slide in the quality of higher education in Tamil Nadu is a direct result of this rent extraction.

George S. Thomas, Chennai
Education without quality

The excellent article The Fault Lines in Tamil Nadu that the DMK Now Has to Confront offers a very nuanced analysis.

For those of us in the education field, greater access through privatisation of higher education, especially in technical/medical education, has gone hand in hand with plummeting quality.

This educated workforce that cannot find jobs, ends up feeling cheated after  having taken loans and spent precious family resources on private engineering colleges.

Vimala Ramachandran
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