June 4, 2021

June 4, 2021

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West Bengal's Verdict in 2021

The BJP’s failure to wrest West Bengal is a vote against the centre, as well as a sign the TMC’s welfare programmes gained the incumbent support from sections that had earlier moved over to the challenger. But unless the Left revives, the BJP is here to stay.

For India, a Moment of Reckoning in the Neighbourhood

India's waning democratic credentials and its desire to see diplomacy towards its smaller neighbours through the narrow prism of security has seen its influence wane in South Asia. China meanwhile has muscled in. The repercussions will be felt in the future.

Women and Contraceptive Decision-Making in Kerala

Kerala's below-replacement fertility figures obscure the poor awareness of contraceptive methods amongst women, pointing to the unfinished task of promoting independent and informed reproductive choices.

‘Conquering Delhi’

The popular culture of the farmers’ protests
Cultural motifs of the Sikhs' ‘conquest’ of Delhi animate the art and music of the farmers’ movement. Memories of defiance and triumph, juxtaposed with images of the protests, inspire the farmers to go on despite hardships.

Himalayan Histories

The Himalayas have been a zone of global interactions and exchanges over the centuries, quite unlike the stereotype of remoteness and isolation.

Subverting Reservations in Karnataka

The unusual sight of Karnataka's influential swamis at the forefront of protests to tweak reservation quotas portends the end of reservations as a constitutional means for social justice, and a reassertion by the dominant castes.

Rammohun Roy's ‘Gift'

His first published piece
On the eve of the 250th birth anniversary of Rammohun Roy, a discussion of his 'Tuhfat-ul-Muwahhiddin', a tract written in Persian on the One Universal Truth.

The Fault Lines in Tamil Nadu that the DMK Now Has to Confront

The DMK faces new challenges in expanding social justice alongside economic modernisation: internal fault lines have emerged in the form of cracks in the Dravidian coalition of lower castes and there are external ones such as reduced autonomy for states.

Is the Pandemic the Wake-up Call We Need on the Drug Regulatory Process?

Sometimes it is the power of lobbies rather than Science that is now driving approval of new drugs, as seen in the questionable clearance to a few Covid-19 drugs; people end up willing to pay anything for these drugs though it is not certain that they work.

Misreading the Past

The UGC’s New Framework for Indian History
A new undergraduate history curriculum reduces the complexity of the past to simplistic ideas of religious difference. The official promotion of such ahistorical thinking adds weight to the project of misreading the past to fuel divisive passions.

Covid-19 and Indian Exceptionalism

There was no Indian exceptionalism behind the small number of deaths during the first wave. It was instead a failure to understand the subtleties underlying the low case fatality ratio that induced a complacency for which the country is now paying dearly.

Silences of Jiddu Krishnamurti

'Krishnamurti forced us to excavate the hubris buried in our body and soul but refused to share his own ambiguities ... he shut the door on himself, probably as much for self-preservation, as for keeping us away.' An essay on the questions JK did not ask.

Vaccine Conundrums

The government lost an opportunity to dampen the second wave but it should at least protect us from the third wave. For that it needs to revise its ‘liberalised’ vaccine policy, which with its array of complicated procedures will not aid rapid vaccination.

The Implications of the Left Victory in Kerala

The LDF’s return to power in Kerala was on the back of its creditable response to emergencies and its quality of governance. The unprecedented second term signals the emergence of a new kind of electorate, with implications for both the Left and its rivals.


CoLose to CoWin: Improving Vaccine Delivery in India

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused loss of lives and livelihoods at a scale not seen since Independence. A return to...

Letters 31 May 2021

Rent extraction in Tamil Nadu colleges
The insightful article The Fault Lines in Tamil Nadu that the DMK Now Has to Confront (28 May 2021) by Kaliyarasan...

Rethinking the Right to Internet Access and What it Entails

Since the turn of the 21st century, the Indian state has increased its focus on using digital technologies to provide and...

Letters 24 May 2021

Highlights important shortcomings
Dinesh Thakur has highlighted important shortcomings in the functioning of the regulatory body for medicines in India. (Is the Pandemic the...

Debating J. Krishnamurti-II

A response to comments
My essay ‘Silences of Jiddu Krishnamurti’ elicited diverse responses from readers; sent either to The India Forum (Debating J. Krishnamurti) or directly to me....

Debating J. Krishnamurti

Understanding Krishnamurti’s ‘silences’
First of all, I must thank TM Krishna for his questioning spirit, deep reflection and substantial wisdom in undertaking a...

Letters on March 5 Issue

Political Economy of Covid-19 Vaccines
The article, "Political Economy of Covid-19 Vaccines" (5 March 2021) by Jayati Ghosh is brilliant, incisive, and well-researched. I wonder as...

Letters on May 7 Issue

Exemplary use of data on Covid mortality
I write to thank The India Forum and Dr. Murad Banaji for the painstaking analysis of Covid-19 incidence and mortality in...
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