Inequality levels have reached historical highs under the Billionaire Raj. These extreme inequalities and their close links with social injustices can no longer be ignored. A comprehensive wealth tax package would be an important step towards a more equitable growth path for India.21-May-2024
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Newsletter Updates
The first-past-the-post system, once useful, now struggles to fit India’s complex socio-political landscape. It is time for India to rethink its electoral…
India needs more focus on supporting adults with autism & their caregivers. While early diagnosis is important, autistic individuals need lifelong care.…
India’s new wood certification scheme hopes to lead to greener forests. However, studies show limited market value gains for certified products. Certification…
Evaluations of Karnataka’s dispute resolution policies of 2011 and 2021 reveal that the concept of “efficient and responsible litigation” has been missing…
Tagore’s visit to China in April 1924 was significant, both then and now. The poet’s vision of Pan Asianism saw Asia as a force for the oppressed. As Western…
What kind of India do we want? Alok Sheel pens a ballad on two visions.
For half a century, Muhammad Yousuf Muran has been carving wood figurines, the last of his family to practise the art. The lack of patronage has led the…
A rendition of ‘Abide With Me’ for modern India.
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In EP 6, Ramanathan S & Rohan Venkat speak with Jaya Oberoi about selling branded content & more. Oberoi currently runs digital content distribution…
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Newsletter Updates

On the first comment by Prakriti Srivastava and Prerna Singh Bindra, the issue is that we have used the words, “awaiting declaration,” rather than the more…
Ghazala Shahbuddin and Pia Sethi

Ghazala Shahbuddin and Pia Sethi write that “The FCAA potentially also exempts other forest lands lying outside the Recorded Forest Areas, including those…
Prakriti Srivastava and Prerna Singh Bindra

This article is, to my mind, the first serious discussion of what was derogatorily referred to as 'Revdis' and then picked up unthinkingly by the media and…
P. Gunasekhar, Chennai

The article laments the fact that women ‘make up the largest minority group in science’. It also emphasizes how persisting biases have implications for other…
Padmini Swaminathan Chennai
03 May 2024
The Indian Economy is Doing Well, But Not Many Indians Are; In Campaign 2024, the BJP's Hindutva Contends With the Congress Party's Nyay; and more
05 Apr 2024
The Household Consumption Expenditure Survey of 2022-23, The dispensable scheme workers, A review of Ashok Gopal's biography of BR Ambedkar, and more.
01 Mar 2024
The new criminal justice law; The politics of erasure; Protection of the rapist and the molestor in neoliberal India; and more
02 Feb 2024
An X-ray of India's compassion; Job creation in the Indian labour market; The death of a Dalit in a democracy; & more
05 Jan 2024
Bringing Trust to Electronic Elections in India; Citizen vs Labharthi?; Hindu Nationalism in the US Diaspora; and more