There are claims that the roots of democratic institutions can be found in ancient India. Studies have shown that such institutions have existed not only in India but also in other parts of the world. No one society can claim it was the ‘mother’.06-Feb-2023
What value are exams such as the Common University Entrance Test (CUET) for assessing students? Can we imagine a more equitable and just method for admitting…
"'We the People' need to stand up to collectively raise their voices and demand that the central government and its functionaries stop the…
Regulations to maintain standards of PhD programmes have led to the curbing of university autonomy.
The outcry in Bareilly last month over students singing an Iqbal poem reminds us that we live in a hyper-nationalist time, where leaders glorify territorial…
If you know little of hockey and you watch an international game with a group of spectators who know just as little, it is a special experience especially when…
When the political times change, the civil servants learn to adapt. In the Old Testament the rule was to do nothing; in the new you learn to cook (not fry) a…
A YouTube channel with more than a million followers is participating in the current surge in competitiveness of Indian chess. Chessbase India has a host,…
The (erstwhile) Empire is under threat and the old heroes are recruited once more to vanquish the enemy. Their bravery is not to be questioned but there is a…

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Ganesh Devy on the origins of Indian languages, their diverse historical trajectories, and their contemporary inequalities as well as their vast diversity.
1 hr 33 mins
Sushant Singh on the Agnipath scheme and its implications for India's national security
26 mins
On the welcome changes NEP aims to bring about as well as the formidable challenges that it faces in implementation.
1 hr 31 min
On the Ashoka edicts, TM Krishna sets the edicts to music and converses with Historian Nayanjyot Lahiri of Ashoka University.
45 min
The Supreme Court ruled that 10% reservation for Economically Weaker Sections in the General category is constitutional. Suno India's Suryatapa Mukherjee…
53 mins
Suno India’s Menaka Rao speaks to Dr Rajib Dasgupta about the scientific mechanism of oral rehydration therapy and why it works to save lives during acute…
34 mins
Nitya Rao on translating 'climate change' into local vocabularies, increased labour burdens on women and girls during a crisis, and changing marital…
In this introductory episode of 'Becoming Modern', host Kiran Kumbhar talks with Suno India co-founder Padma Priya about the importance of knowing…

In his review of Arkotong Longkumer’s book, The Greater India Experiment: Hindutva and the Northeast, Richard Kamei has enlightened us about the penetration of…
Arup Kumar Sen , Kolkata

The central idea is that the anti-Brahmin movement – which developed into the Self-Respect Movement – became the site for the construction of an inclusive…
Vignesh Karthik KR

Amidst all the gloom, this thoughtful and warm review by Rohit Chandra for the amazing The India Forum (subscribe if you've not yet!) was a ray of sunshine to…
MR Sharan

I read the article about Cuba's Vaccine Miracle with great interest, but I also think it is essential to describe it as "Cuba's Drug Miracle", as there has…
Toshifumi Matsuyama, MD, Ph.D., Nagasaki University, Japan

To be published soon

History of Idea of India as 'Mother of Democracy' by Sumit Guha

Ecological Crisis in the Himalayas by Ravi Chopra 

Review of Harmony Siganporia's 'Walking from Dandi: In Search of Vikas' by Sudhir Chandra

Poetic Traditions and Inter-community Relations by Amit Basole

Reintroduction of the Cheetah by Raza Kazmi

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