Bappa Sinha

Bappa Sinha

Bappa Sinha

Bappa Sinha is a technologist with over 25 years of experience in embedded systems and software. He is the CTO of Virtunet Systems and a member of the Free Software Movement of India. 

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Revisiting the EVM Hacking Story

It has now been revealed that one EVM supplier has been using chips that can be reprogrammed. While this still does not mean that hacking an EVM is easy, the issue of securing public confidence for EVMs remains. A proposal that could do so is made here.

There is No Ghost in the Indian EVM

Or why if protocols are followed, hacking is close to impossible
No machine is hack-proof but the unique design of India's EVMs minimises such a possibility and if all the protocols are adhered to manipulation is highly unlikely. However VVPATs must be on a large enough scale to convince us of the integrity of the process.
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