February 4, 2022

February 4, 2022

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Thinking with Hands

Work as Freedom for Gandhi
'Gandhi was aware that intellectual labour was necessary for the culture of the mind and accepted the necessity of a division of labour, but not the idea that bodily labour had to be confined to one class and intellectual labour to another class.'

AIIMS and the Failure of Imagining Healthcare

The pursuit of 'excellence' at AIIMS has become a rush towards greater specialisation, foiling the institute's founding mandate to produce doctors to serve India's masses.

Unshackling Science in India

India has the talent for research, but to realise the potential we need greater outlays, a transformation of the environment, loosening of government control and a recognition, especially in medical science, of the contribution of CSOs and the private sector.

What is ‘Formalisation’ of the Economy?

India’s quest to shrink its informal sector
The informal sector is not made up of tax dodgers but largely of enterprises struggling to survive. It will take a structural transformation for the informal to become formal. The recent contraction of the informal was only a pandemic-induced shock.

Broad and Shallow AI

The promise and perils of competence without comprehension
Trained on our mega digital footprint, Large Language Models ‘imitate’ human behaviour and can provide ‘plausible’ completion of any text prompt. Some are optimistic about AI reaching general human intelligence; others are terrified by the potential misuses.

TIF Talkies: Aditya Pillai discusses the importance of building robust climate institutions in India

Welcome to TIF Talkies, a new audio initiative of The India Forum, where we hope to disengage from the ever-flowing torrent of the newscycle and follow up on contemporary events with a whole lot of...

Omicron: What Happens Now?

The long-term trajectory of COVID-19 will see the disease becoming endemic with the occasional flare up and frequent booster shots having to be given. We must understand the consequences of this path and reach a consensus on the level of risk we can live with.


Problems with Indian Science: Misplaced Emphasis

I read Professor Vikram Patel's article Unshackling Science in India with much interest. Many aspects in this article, though not all,...
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