January 7, 2022

January 7, 2022

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Beyond the BCCI

If we want to know how the country is being run, we only need to look at how the Board of Control for Cricket in India is managed.

Is India Experiencing a K-Shaped Recovery?

Well before Omicron arrived, all the evidence was that far from a robust economic recovery, India had been witnessing a rebound only in the the formal sector. The informal sector and labour have been left behind. This is a classic K-shaped recovery.

Covid-19 and the Informalisation of India’s Salaried Workers

The pandemic forced a fraction of India's salaried workers to fall back on self-employment or casual work, or to withdraw from the workforce entirely. It was only the salaried who held secure and regular positions who were able to hold on to their jobs.

India’s Anti-Conversion Laws: The Death of Secularism

The Karnataka bill on conversions goes much further than the laws enacted in other states in its infraction of liberty and it contains a raft of illegitimate provisions. Its intentions have been laid bare by the belligerence that has accompanied its advocacy.

Lost in the Haze

Pollution norms in India’s coal power plants
Despite the serious pollution and health concerns about emissions from coal-based power plants, the many norms that the government has notified remain largely on paper. Will India ever operate under a stringent emission control regime?

The Legal and the Lethal

AFSPA and the incarceration of justice in Nagaland
AFSPA keeps apart ideas of law and justice; a separation that makes the Nagas 'killable', as in Oting. The law incorporates them into the Indian nation-state as rights-deprived subjects — and, in the process, reveals the dark side of Indian democracy.

Grief, Rage, Hope and now to A Place of Kindness

We must grieve for the millions who died in 2021 from Covid-19; we must also feel rage that the State was not responsive to their suffering. Groups of citizens stepped in to care for each other; that gives us hope we can move to a new place of kindness.

From Lucknow to Delhi

The stakes in UP’s assembly elections
The BJP may well return to power in Uttar Pradesh in 2022. But if a rejuvenated opposition manages to limit the incumbent's victory tally, that could reshape the contours of the 2024 national elections.

Disaster at the Margins

A history of Chennai's floods
Chennai's floods are embedded within inequality and the wider ecology of disasters in low-income settlements. Seeing their regularity purely as planning and engineering problems neglects this complexity.

An Indian Liberal in the Empire

The dilemmas of Srinivasa Sastri
A biography of Srinivasa Sastri, long considered an irrelevant figure in colonial India, highlights his contribution to the making of the modern liberal international order and to putting Indian diplomacy on the world stage.

The Europe-India Balance Sheet

Trade, like-mindedness, and strategic interests
Europe is sceptical about realising the economic potential in India because of corruption and trade barriers. Elsewhere, there are growing concerns about human rights violations, while on security it is the China factor that will decide the future path.

Can India’s Flagship Public Health Insurance Scheme Do What it Promises?

PMJAY promised to fix India's patchy heathcare coverage and reduce hospitalisation costs for the poor. Four years into its existence, the scheme needs to pause expansion, learn, and consolidate.

Chakravarthi Raghavan: Journalist-Champion of the Global South

Tributes to Chakravarthi Raghavan (1925–2021) a journalist who made his mark on the global scene and who died in late September.

A Window to the World from an Economist-Philosopher

The breadth of Amartya Sen's memoir makes it in part a work of history. To read about his interaction with some of the great minds in the world is to read history in the making.

Pitting People against Nature

India’s conservation laws, based on pseudoscience, have criminalised people’s defence against marauding wildlife. Democratically-constituted local bodies empowered to protect nature will be a more just way of nursing our heritage to a healthy state.


Letters January 2022 Issue

Wide coverage in The India Forum
I am very impressed by the wide coverage contained in the January 2022 issue of The India Forum. Only a new paradigm of pedagogy...

Do Not Play With Naga Pride

H. Srikanth writes: Nagaland’s annual Hornbill festival that is held in December every year showcases the rich and diverse culture and...

Geoffrey (‘Geoff’) Colin Harcourt: 27 June 1931 – 6 December 2021

K. Vela Velupillai writes: The economist ‘Geoff’ Harcourt, who died on 6 December 2021, was indefatigable in his advocacy of...
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