October 1, 2021

October 1, 2021

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Digital ID: A Single Source of Truth

The push worldwide to give everyone a legal identity was to allow people better access to financial and public services. But this endeavour has quickly morphed into promoting Digital IDs that are increasingly used for surveillance and control.

The Banality of India's Islamophobia

Islamophobia in India erases Muslims even as it hyper-visiblises them: disempowering them and diminishing their worth. Ironically, even secular-minded people diminish its seriousness by asking Muslims to ignore the hate campaigns and focus on 'real issues'.

Casting Race in Another Light

Colonialism, Orientalism & Wilkerson’s Caste
Arguing that race in America is actually caste, Isabel Wilkerson seeks to startle the readers who may have become numbed by debates on race. But by overplaying what is not much more than a clever analogy, she might actually be weakening her argument.

A Rocky Road to Resolution

Achievements and struggles of India’s Insolvency Code
In its first five years, the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code has recorded some high-profile successes but also a failure to ensure a higher recovery of debt. Implementation has to improve if the code is to successfully balance the interest of all stakeholders.

Marigolds and Domestic Abuse

My journey from an Indian wedding to the courts
Challenging India's legal system that privileges the father for custody of a child was a painful process. However, much was gained. My case was a legal first in India for women.

Growing Distress and a Falling Unemployment Rate

What is going on in the labour market?
The Periodic Labour Force Survey for 2019-20 has thrown up some unusual and contradictory patterns in employment and unemployment. However, the trends in the labour market over three years of the PLFS from 2017-18 onwards are clear and cause for worry.

Disinformation: A New Type of State-Sponsored Violence

While attempts by the ruling party to control the media and the messaging are not new in India, what we see now is the use of new technology to ‘curate’ and exercise ‘centralised control’ to spread disinformation in order to harass and intimidate critics.

Sexual Violence Against Dalits at the Current Conjuncture

'Both Dalit suffering and Dalit resistance unsettle us because both point to what we do not wish to acknowledge: that there are no bodies that do not suffer when hurt, and there are no bodies that will not resist when they suffer, angrily or creatively.'

A History of Ordinary People in France

‘How a family lived in their ordinariness for three centuries, and the mode of telling this story throws light on the "big events" in France from the pre-revolutionary era to the French Revolution and its aftermath.’

'Will Come if it is in Our Podu'

Importance of cultural safety for Adivasis in Covid-19 care
Why do health workers often take the punitive route to obtain compliance from marginalised communities? How can we build cultural sensitivity into our public health practice? A story of the Solega group of Adivasis and how they related to Covid care.

Making Sense of India’s Measures of Unemployment

The co-existence of seasonal and regular employment has posed a challenge over the decades for accurately measuring unemployment in India. An explainer and a discussion in the light of the puzzling results of the 2019-20 Periodic Labour Force Survey.

Ajay Gandhi of Manthan and Much More

Ajay Gandhi who co-founded one of India’s most vibrant public discussion forums was a true public intellectual in that he was open, reflected about issues and closely engaged with the ‘public’ in debates about India and its future.


A Modest Proposal to Protect Cows and Put Milord’s Anguish to Rest

It was a simple bail hearing that turned out to be a 12-page-long sermon. Eventually, bail was denied to Javed,...

Sources of Biases in the Consumer Pyramids Household Survey

Salil Sanyal, a retired member of the Indian Statistical Service and a former consultant to the UNDP writes: The Consumer Pyramids...

Letters 13 September 2021

Insightful Review
I was delighted to read Rudrangshu Mukherjee's review of An Infinite History - The Story of a Family in France Over Three...
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