Economic considerations are now driving India’s seemingly adroit steps in the foreign policy arena. Foreign policy has become a tool through which India is absorbing critical economic pressures, and clinches and advances emergent opportunities.20-Mar-2023
Proving India’s lithium deposits would be a boost in the arm for the country’s ambitious net-zero-emissions plans. But lithium mining could itself contribute…
A survey of pricing practices in private hospitals in Maharashtra during Covid-19 brings out the extent of price gouging that took place in spite of government…
Women’s participation in work turns out to be much higher than usually estimated when modifications are made to the questions asked in surveys, the time period…
What value are exams such as the Common University Entrance Test (CUET) for assessing students? Can we imagine a more equitable and just method for admitting…
The ongoing Women’s Premier League shows that creating a tournament with a high standard of competition has taken a backseat as gimmickry takes over cricket.…
“Vrindavan devotee publics seem to have relegated desire and descended fully into the sadness of Radha.”
Questions of human-wildlife coexistence are invariably also questions of development. A spar between villagers and foresters over trapping a leopard outside a…
If you know little of hockey and you watch an international game with a group of spectators who know just as little, it is a special experience especially when…

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Indigenous people play an important role in protecting the environment. Contrarily in India, tribals are being jailed and are being harassed says the report…
43 mins
In this podcast, host Sneha Richhariya speaks to Deepak Krishnan, Associate Director, World Resources Institute India's energy programme. We look at how…
34 mins
In this final episode of Suno India's 'Becoming Modern', host Kiran Kumbhar speaks to historians Projit Bihari Mukharji, David Arnold, Ranjana…
50 mins
The Supreme Court ruled that 10% reservation for Economically Weaker Sections in the General category is constitutional. Suno India's Suryatapa Mukherjee…
53 mins

Sevanti Ninan's article is detailed, grounded and written without rhetoric. A treat, especially for journalists. It commands attention. I wish journalists in…
Anand K. Satay, New Delhi

  In his discourse, Sanjib Baruah has drawn our attention to the politics of ‘Indigeneity’ in contemporary Assam and its fallout – marginalisation of Muslims…
Arup Kumar Sen Kolkata

In his review of Arkotong Longkumer’s book, The Greater India Experiment: Hindutva and the Northeast, Richard Kamei has enlightened us about the penetration of…
Arup Kumar Sen , Kolkata

The central idea is that the anti-Brahmin movement – which developed into the Self-Respect Movement – became the site for the construction of an inclusive…
Vignesh Karthik KR

To be published soon

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Poetic Traditions and Inter-community Relations by Amit Basole

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