December 3, 2021

December 3, 2021

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TIF Talkies: T Jayaraman discusses climate finance at COP 26

Welcome to TIF Talkies, a new audio initiative of The India Forum, where we hope to disengage from the ever-flowing torrent of the newscycle and follow up on contemporary events with a whole lot of...

Do We Know Enough to Vaccinate Children against Covid-19 Now?

We need more information on the safety, immunogenicity and effectiveness of vaccines among children to be able to formulate a proper evidence-based policy; and we do not as yet know enough about the Omicron variant to change considerations of risk and benefit.

Violating Freedoms and Criminalising Labour in Proposed Law on Trafficking

A new law on trafficking is to be enacted in the winter session of Parliament, but the July 2021 version of the bill fails to recognise Indian realities where trafficking is a problem of extreme socio-economic inequality, requiring a multi-faceted approach.

‘Dear Mr. Gandhi’

Letters from a Mailbag in History
The first two volumes of 'Letters to Gandhi', covering 1889-1910, trace a fine-grained texture of Gandhi’s life in the initial decades of public life. They offer vignettes of a rapid rise in the public sphere and dogged work in the face of overwhelming odds.

Guru, Spy, or Lost Archduke?

Was John Orth a self-proclaimed ‘guru’ in the US in the early 20th century, or a one-time rug-dealer suspected of being a Russian spy, or perhaps the Austro-Hungarian archduke Johann Salvator himself? A story across many continents of many lives and claims.

Digital Currency: Fog Beyond the Hype

What are digital and cryptocurrencies? Why is there so much hype about this new form of digital money? Will it threaten the hegemony of paper money? A detailed explainer in the context of recent policy explorations in India on a Central Bank Digital Currency.

Ye Olde Cold War Story

A vignette in memory of John le Carré
A homage by a disciple to John le Carre', the Master of spy fiction, in the form of a beginning of a new novel ‘The Spy Without a Country’. Readers can complete the novel and share the royalties with the author.

A ‘Licence’ to Kill in the Sundarbans

A regime of fishing licences in the Sundarbans, unchanged since colonial times, might be the single biggest everyday hazard to the lives of the fishers: on par with tigers, cyclones, and rising seas.

Which Way the Stock Market Now?

While the economic outlook is less than robust, corporate profits — driven by tax cuts and decimation of the informal sector — will continue to rise for at least another two years, giving share prices a fundamental resilience.


An Innovative Model for Inclusive Education

T. Bhuvanesh Ram writes: The innovative education model of two residential school programmes run by the Telangana government for marginalised students merits...
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