April 5, 2019

April 5, 2019

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There is No Ghost in the Indian EVM

Or why if protocols are followed, hacking is close to impossible

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Political Radicalism of Ambedkar's Spirituality

Relevance and Resonance in the 21st Century
We need to pay close attention to B R Ambedkar’s relentless life-long search for a spiritual path and a spiritual homeground for society, which went way beyond his efforts at transforming India.

There is No Ghost in the Indian EVM

Or why if protocols are followed, hacking is close to impossible
No machine is hack-proof but the unique design of India's EVMs minimises such a possibility and if all the protocols are adhered to manipulation is highly unlikely. However VVPATs must be on a large enough scale to convince us of the integrity of the process.

India's Farm Crisis: Decades Old and with Deep Roots

The crisis in Indian agriculture today is not a new one; it goes back many years. Therefore, the problems of farmers cannot be addressed by the band aids of higher MSPs and cash transfers. An analysis of the causes and an outline of what needs to be done.

Coercion, Construction, and 'ODF paper pe'

Swachh Bharat According to Local Officials
The Swachh Bharat Mission has turned out to be a top-down programme in which villagers are often coerced into building latrines, with relatively little focus on latrine use. A field survey challenges the official narrative that the SBM is a "people's movement"

Fiscal Federalism in India

Who Should do What?
There have been landmark changes in the framework for centre-state fiscal relations in recent years. What do these hold out for the future of relations between the union and the states?

The Employment Question in India

Politics, Economics, and the Way Forward
The jobs question is begging for answers from the polity. Here an agenda for dealing with urban unemployment, in particular. A key element could be investment in universal basic services. It is all doable provided we are not prisoners of fiscal orthodoxy.

The Language of Learning

Should children in Indian schools be taught in their mother tongue or English? This should not be an either/or question. The time to teach multiple languages in primary schools is now, it will mean better learning outcomes for children.


Middle Class Muslims in Urban India

Negotiating Prejudice and Bigotry
The article “Young, Middle Class, and Muslim in Urban India” provides insights which one does not normally hear about or read...

Autonomy and Social Justice in Assam

Assam, a Wounded Society
Sanjay Barbora’s essay is a meticulous account of the political past of Assam. It brings out the myriad fault lines...

On Abuse in the Workplace

Justice for Sexual Violence?
Mary E John’s article, “Sexual Violence 2012-2018 and #MeToo”,  contextualises the last six years of feminist movements against sexual harassment...
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