February 5, 2021

February 5, 2021

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The Evolution of Indian Banking Regulation

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‘Mere Paas Sarkaar Hai’

State Intervention in Indian Agriculture: Why it is needed and how it must change
The uniqueness of agriculture calls for continued & not less government intervention. Reform of Indian agriculture is needed, but this must be to enhance state capacities and strengthen regulatory oversight. What would be a “better government that is better”?

Covid-19 Accelerates the Transformation of India's Newspaper Industry

India’s newspapers grew by relying on advertising, a dependence that began to unravel before the pandemic struck. Dailies have shut down and journalists have lost jobs. To revive their fortunes, they are now—belatedly—trying to build incomes from digital.

Love Taboos: Controlling Hindu-Muslim Romances

The myth of ‘love jihad’ is sustained through widely circulated illustrations of ‘lustful’ Muslim men and ‘victimised’ Hindu women. These images recirculate decades-old calumnies and make invisible Hindu men’s regulation of Hindu women.


Andhra's Borewell Scheme could Democratise Agrarian Distress

In July 2020, the Andhra Pradesh government announced a scheme for free borewells for eligible small and marginal farmers. The...

A Regulator for Social Sector Organisations?

A late 2020 newspaper report suggested that the government is considering a proposal to set up a regulator for charities...

Letters on February 5 Issue

On 'Mere Paas Sarkaar Hai'
The article by Mihir Shah (‘Mere Paas Sarkaar Hai’, 18 January 2021) is rich in observations and includes lines of...

Strengthening the MSP System: A Solution to Resolve the Farm Crisis

Arguments against a statutory minimum support price (MSP) have hovered around the following lines: The MSP benefits only a small proportion of...

Why Only the UP Law on Inter-Faith Marriages is Creating Turmoil

The havoc in the lives of Hindu-Muslim couples now being witnessed in Uttar Pradesh is unprecedented. Three other states have...
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