December 6, 2019

December 6, 2019

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Tamil Rationalism and Hindu Temples

The Tamils' Self-Respect Movement of Malaysia that successfully preached rationalism and at the same time fought for temple entry for Dalits is a historical example of how contesting beliefs can peacefully co-exist, offering a valuable lesson for India today.

Seeking Sanctuary, Remembering Jammu

Cosmopolitan Ethics Outside the Metropolis
A discussion of the idea of sanctuary for migrants in smaller cities like Jammu, each with a unique history. Based on fieldwork and drawing on memory fragments of a non-metropolitan city, an exploration of how a place like Jammu helps us revisit the cosmopolis


Letters on November 1 Issue

Brilliant Piece on Ethical Issues in RCTs
The article “Indecent Proposals in Economics” by Ankur Sarin (November 1, 2019), on Randomised Control Trials is brilliant. It needs...
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