November 1, 2019

November 1, 2019

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Faith-based Citizenship

The Dangerous Path India is Choosing

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Faith-based Citizenship

The Dangerous Path India is Choosing
The Citizenship Amendment Bill and the pan-Indian National Register of Citizens mark a foundational shift in the Indian conception of citizenship, providing paths to citizenship for some and driving others on to paths to statelessness.

Indecent Proposals in Economics

The 2019 Nobel laureates in Economics should use their new stature to call for a moratorium on experiments done on vulnerable populations since poor ethical standards often mark the design and conduct of Randomised Control Trials on these groups.

A National Register of Citizens for India

A Tool Kit for Hindu Rashtra?
The drive to re-introduce the Citizens Amendment Bill and the plan to prepare a nation-wide National Register of Citizens are both part of a larger strategy to re-engineer the India of plurality and diversity into a Hindu rashtra.

Common Service Centres

The Emperor’s New Clothes
Common Service Centres, a component of Digital India, are supposed to be transformational in how they meet the citizen's documentation needs that are essential to access government services. A survey in Jharkhand, a pioneer state, reveals a different picture.

The Closed Nature of Indian Universities

Inbreeding and nepotism have for long been features of universities. The favoured students go from being postgraduates to doctorates and then become lecturers, all within the same university. This has naturally had a negative impact on academic culture.

The National Medical Commission: A Renaming or Transformation?

Medical education in India has been beset so far by scandal. In medical practice, professional bodies have been opposing plans for a mid-level professional. Can the new National Medical Commission reform education and regulation to enable better healthcare?

What Made the East India Company So Successful?

Analysis Goes Missing in Dalrymple
William Dalrymple's book on the East India Company is written very well and has a great deal of detail. But the writing of good History needs more. It calls for a consideration of all relevant facts and a comprehensive analysis. This is unfortunately missing.

Understanding the History of Kashmir, Art. 370, and Speculating on the Future

At the Manthan Samvaad in Hyderabad on October 2, Srinath Raghavan gave a lucid exposition of the troubled history of Kashmir, presented the facts since 1947 and cleared the fog around Article 370. Watch this excellent talk here. (Courtesy Manthan)


Too many shortcomings in the new National Medical Commission

In their article, “The National Medical Commission: A renaming or transformation?" in The India Forum dated October 18, Sambit Dash...

India Needs to Properly Manage its Water and Agriculture

I have a few comments on the article ‘India’s Biggest Challenge: The Future of Farming’ by Rahul Tongia. Tongia has brought...

Accurate Potrayal of Casteism in Universities

Amazing Article
This is an amazing piece. I can totally relate to it. I am an assistant professorin Goa and face systemic...

Economic Slowdown: Is Enhancing Rural Demand the Key?

Ashok Kotwal and Pronab Sen have done an extremely insightful and detailed analysis of the current malaises infecting the Indian...
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